Commercial Property

Grow your assets and we will support you and your business every step of the way.

Let’s simplify and change your perception

Have you ever been told you require a minimum deposit of 35{b62a36ce6c27494e3e7fea13feefacff0b7cbcc3f8040b7df69a97f8a03b78fa} and stamp duty costs to purchase commercial property?  Well, we can tell you that’s not entirely true, bigger firms just find it easier to say. You now have the option of a 25-year commercial loan and a 20{b62a36ce6c27494e3e7fea13feefacff0b7cbcc3f8040b7df69a97f8a03b78fa} deposit. Unlike the firms that told you no, we work with you and assess your business and its assets to come up with strategies that will help you be able to own your own commercial properties. 

Are you currently renting? What are your plans once the lease is over? Did you know based on your current rental payments you could potentially get your own commercial premises?  We address the entire supply chain and will help you move out of renting so you can grow your business and create equity. 


Commercial finance is a growth accelerator for your business, with the right help you can expand your business, increase capital and equity.


We understand that you may not be able to visit us in the office during 9-5 Monday to Friday. This is why we offer flexible hours and are happy to schedule weekend appointments.


Whether it is commercial property loans or development finance, LoanConsultant will be right alongside you and will provide you with the answers to some of those hard financial questions.


We assess the value of each business, client and proposal individually and holistically so that we can provide you with the right finance options for your commercial needs.