First Home Buyers

Looking for the right loan to buy your first home?

LoanConsultant will help you find the best possible rate with the lowest possible fees.

We could save you thousands on your home loan.

When purchasing your first property or upgrading, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the experience. The process can be seamless and enjoyable when you tackle it in individual stages. From making the decision to purchase, to finding the right loan, saving for your deposit and finding and securing the perfect home. Step-by-step you can achieve your financial goals.

  • Did you know, you may be eligible for a first home buyer grant or other incentives such as stamp duty reduction?


While the process of saving can be challenging, and at times, seem unachievable, the decision to purchase your first home is one that will set you up for the future. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to navigate the unchartered territory on your own.

We  compare numerous lenders to ensure your home loan has the best rates, the lowest fees and the flexibility you require.

We’ll guide you through the assessment and application process to help you negotiate a loan that is affordable for your individual budget. We not only consider what is best for you now, but how your home loan will benefit you in the long term.

Ask us how we can help you realise your dream of home ownership.


We can provide you with home loan options that are competitive and suit your financial needs. As an independent broker, we will always give you an unbiased opinion on the best home loan for your situation.


We understand that you may not be able to visit us in the office during 9-5 Monday to Friday. This is why we offer flexible hours and are happy to schedule weekend appointments.


We want to understand your financial situation so that we can personalise a solution that meets your budgetary requirements.

Online Application Process

We have online applications that we can help you complete from the comfort of your home.