Vehicle & Equipment Finance

We work with commercial and asset finance lenders to help finance
the assets your business needs and values.

We understand your
equipment needs

At Melbourne Finance, finding solutions to help businesses get assets is one of our specialities. We have helped organisations acquire vehicles with personalised financial solutions and we have even financed dairy cows for an agribusiness. There is no challenge that we won’t help you with.

So what can you finance?

Every business will need to spend money on equipment and some may need to supply vehicles. But you should consider what options you have with equipment and vehicle finance before purchasing outright.  We can help finance commercial vehicles, business cars, trailers and tractors, plant, machinery and equipment, agricultural equipment and computers and phone systems.

Why Finance Your Vehicles
and Equipment?

Financing your business vehicle, machinery or equipment loans gives you the flexibility to meet the demands of your business without sacrificing funds. Equipment and vehicle finance can help preserve working capital and allow you to budget more accurately with regular repayments.

By financing your commercial car or equipment, there are also potential tax advantages and often the equipment loan is secured by the asset so you don’t have to put your house on the line.

Types of vehicle & equipment finance

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is when a business owns the asset, but has taken out an equipment loan to pay it off. As you own this asset, you may be able to claim GST, interest expense and depreciation expenses.

A chattel mortgage is great for tradies who may need a commercial vehicle, such as a ute or trailer, to move their equipment from site to site.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is generally used for businesses considering a commercial car loan. The lender owns the asset and leases the asset to the business for an agreed term.

Generally, a finance lease is used for commercial vehicles or equipment with higher depreciation such as tractors or trucks.

Commercial Hire Purchase

A commercial hire purchase is where you hire an asset from a lender with the intent to own the vehicle after paying off the lender’s loan.  With a commercial hire purchase, you may be able to claim GST and depreciation costs while paying off the asset.  Generally, businesses consider a commercial hire purchase for agricultural equipment, construction equipment or commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers.


With access to over 15 commercial lenders, we’ll find the solution for you.


We secure your loan in a timely manner by helping you prepare your application right the first time.

Coherent Approach

Seamless processes with the assistance of technology to make it a simple experience.


Our team is one of few Melbourne teams that specialise in Vehicle and Equipment finance.

How we tailor your vehicle and equipment finance

  • We will work with you to understand your business needs and annual business cash flow projections
  • Work together to determine the best loan term to maximise your cash flow over the life of the loan.
  • Dependant on the asset type introduce structured payments to match your cash flow and suit the life so that the asset, either via upfront initial structured payment, quarterly structured payments or with balloon payments.

How much will my
repayments be?

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